Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rubber Duck Themed Baby Shower!

Last Saturday, we threw a baby shower for a wonderful friend! Being that the mommy-to-be already has a girl and a boy and has decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, we went with a rubber ducky theme and used yellow and brown as the main colors for the party decor.

The cupcakes were from the Polka Dot Bake Shop and were perfect! Not only did they look good and kept with our rubber ducky theme, but they tasted amazing too! Polka Dot Bake Shop was wonderful to work with... they found and ordered the rubbery ducks to top the cupcakes and were kind enough to let me pick them up early!

Our friend Taylor Mathis, from Taylor Mathis Photography, stopped by before the guests arrived to snap some wonderful photos for us! Here are some pictures from the shower and the link to Taylor Mathis' blog to see more....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

BLUSH Rave: Grace on Brevard!

Last month we visited the wonderful Andrea Hock at the Grace Event Center on Brevard in Uptown Charlotte, NC. First off, we would just like to say that the architecture alone is breath taking! The space by itself, without any decorations was beautiful and so unique! It offers more than the typical four white walled rooms. What used to be the A.M.E. Grace Zion Church is now one of Charlotte’s new premier events venues.

Inside, Andrea gave us a tour of the space as well as told us about all the different set ups that can be accommodated. The space can hold 150 at maximum capacity and can be set up for cocktails, a buffet style dinner or a sit down dinner. Andrea was kind enough to play a slideshow of some pictures from some of the beautiful events already held there, such as a 40th birthday party and several different sized weddings.

An extra feature of the space is that they can provide a tent outside adjacent to the building for a cocktail hour. We think this is so creative and unexpected in a city like Uptown.

We want to give a huge thank you to Andrea for taking time to meet with us and showing us around the Grace Event Center! It is truly a unique and traditional setting for a beautiful event!

GREAT IDEA: Excellent place to hold your Rehearsal Dinner!

Visit: for more information.

Lesley & Tonya visiting Grace Event Center....BEAUTIFUL and so unique!

Lesley with Andrea Hock who showed us around the facility. It was a pleasure meeting with you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check us out....on the Knot!!

On June 10th we attended an event hosted by the Knot, and happily mixed and mingled with some of Charlotte's finest wedding professionals! What a great night!

Lesley and Tonya lounging by the DJ booth.

Marjorie and Lesley taking in the swanky scenery!

Tonya and Marjorie showing some excitement....BLUSH wedding & events just won a gift certificate to Austin's Bakery! YUM!!

We really enjoyed reconnecting with some familiar faces and it was a such a pleasure to make new acquaintances. We are looking forward to building new business relationships with some very talented people! We want only the best for our brides!!

BLUSH girls with Brianna Brunecz our Knot rep!

Here we're w/ Todd Crawford of Crawford & Company Florist! We are so impressed with his work! Here are a few samples of his magnificent work:

Thanks to the Knot for a FABULOUS event!! Don't forget to check out our profile under the local vendors...we are showcased under Wedding Planners.

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's all about the dress!!

So you are finally engaged! The excitement begins and you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. And that means that you need to find the perfect wedding dress! Brides at times can get caught up in the beautiful fantasy they have envisioned for their wedding day but it is helpful to keep in mind that a wedding gown should be an extension of who you are!

Here are some tips that will help you:

 Get some ideas before you head to the bridal shops! This is half of the fun, flipping through bridal magazines. Tear out pages and make a folder of dresses you like…even if it’s just the sleeves on a dress. If you have an idea of what you like and don’t like it will be easier to find similar dresses when you get to the store. This will also help your dress consultant in helping you.

Body Shape
o Think about your body shape and what dresses you already own that flatter your figure best. This will help you in choosing the right cut or fit of your wedding gown. If your figure is pear shape, A-line is probably the most flattering cut for your body as it is fitted in the bodice section of the gown and then gradually flows out away from the body. If your petite, a huge ball gown might not be the best route to go as you may get lost in all the fabric! Something more fitted and with less fabric is ideal.

o Most people think of wedding gowns as only coming in white or ivory. Truth be told, there are many different shades that wedding gowns come in. Having a beautiful dress is one thing, but making sure the color against your skin tone is flattering can make all the difference in the world. White is best for women with darker (tan) skin tones. If you are fair with pink undertones, ivory is most suitable and flattering as it neutralizes the pink in your skin. For olive skin tones, champagne or diamond white is most lovely.

o Another detail that can really make a difference is the fabric of the gown. Some woman think they want a lace dress, but when they go into a bridal boutique, and try on a lace gown… it’s not what they imagined. If you’re adamant about wearing lace but the feedback of an all lace gown is not what you had hoped for, there are plenty of gowns that combine both lace and satin that make a beautiful silhouette. Chiffon and taffeta are other great options for wedding gowns that are a more contemporary than the traditional lace and satin. Don’t be afraid to try gowns in all fabrics as you may surprise yourself!

Self Confidence
o There are so many factors to be considered when wedding dress shopping, but most important is your inner beauty and self confidence. No matter how gorgeous the gown and wonderful the colors looks against your skin or how the dress hugs your curves, it won’t look half as good as it could if you don’t have self confidence! Inner beauty is the most important factor when it comes to looking amazing on the day of your wedding!

 Leave time for the dress to arrive! This is so important…you do not want to be fretting that your dream dress will not arrive in ample time before your big day. You need to leave more than enough time for the dress to be sent out, made, and returned to you. Usually leaving 4 to 6 months for this process is ideal. If you should have less time than that before your wedding, you should consider “off the rack” selections.

 Take 1-2 people with you. More than that will often time over crowd the boutique and you’ll get a vast variety of opinions most likely. I would recommend taking your mom and one friend. This will help also if you and your mom have different tastes in style, you’ll have one other opinion to consider as well as your own.

 Planning to lose weight? Most brides will try to lose weight and look their very best for their wedding day. It’s important to be realistic. Consider the time you have before then and implement healthy eating habits along with three or four days a week of exercise. Remember it’s always easier to take a dress in but nearly impossible to let one out. If you buy a dress in a size expecting to lose weight and then don’t it can truly be a nightmare.

 Don’t forget the accessories! Veil, jewelry, under garments…all need to work with the dress of your choice.

Enjoy every minute of finding your wedding gown. Don’t feel pressured…take your time and let your heart, vision, and that lasting image help lead you to your perfect dream dress!

Happy shopping Brides-to-be!!

A Bride’s dream team!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 is in the air!

With spring around the corner and also one of the most popular times for weddings, we thought it would be a good idea to dish on some of the in season flowers! Tulips, daisies, and peonies are particular favorites when it comes to flowers used for spring weddings.

Tulips come in just about every shade imaginable. This flower is for the bride who appreciates the dainty, classic, and cheerful sophistication that this beautiful flower represents. They are also very economical so they won't break your budget! In general, the tulip symbolizes "the perfect lover" which is why it is a perfect choice for weddings. A trendy idea is a full bouquet of cream color French tulips....cream color tulips mean you will love your partner foever!

Brides who choose daisies for their bridal bouquet are youthful, romantic, and lighthearted. A daisy signifies innocence and freshness, which makes it an ideal flower for a wedding. Daisies look fantastic and gerbers are available in many bright colors as well as patel. It's also the second most popular flower, after the rose, for spring time weddings!

The peony is a favorite among spring brides. Peonies are available in a variety of colors including white, pink, and yellow. They embody romance and prosperity and have been regarded as the symbol of luck, wealth, and happiness. When they are opened up, they are a bigger flower which can help fill up a bouquet or centerpiece for brides on a budget. A bouquet made of just peonies is very romantic. They are the classic choice for the quintessential elegant bride!

There are many options for flowers when planning a spring wedding. A good idea is to walk through a flower shop, or if you have the chance, walk through a flower garden and you can see all the wonderful possibilities in creating your perfect flower arrangement!
Peony Bouquet Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

At the start of this new year we know that there will be a vast number of newly engaged couples beginning the planning process for their upcoming nuptials. We know all too well that in the midst of all the excitement that the engagement time brings, you may not know where to even begin with the planning. That's why a Wedding planner is so help when the overwhelming excitement causes you to panic at the thought of how you are to execute such an event as your wedding. Your wedding...the event you've only dreamt about since you were a child. Well take a deep breath, sit back and relax....BLUSH is here to help! We are looking forward to the new brides and grooms that we'll meet and the wonderful weddings we will have the pleasure to assist with in this brand new year of 2009. We invite you to visit us often here as we share with you our adventures in wedding planning!