Friday, May 22, 2009

It's all about the dress!!

So you are finally engaged! The excitement begins and you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. And that means that you need to find the perfect wedding dress! Brides at times can get caught up in the beautiful fantasy they have envisioned for their wedding day but it is helpful to keep in mind that a wedding gown should be an extension of who you are!

Here are some tips that will help you:

 Get some ideas before you head to the bridal shops! This is half of the fun, flipping through bridal magazines. Tear out pages and make a folder of dresses you like…even if it’s just the sleeves on a dress. If you have an idea of what you like and don’t like it will be easier to find similar dresses when you get to the store. This will also help your dress consultant in helping you.

Body Shape
o Think about your body shape and what dresses you already own that flatter your figure best. This will help you in choosing the right cut or fit of your wedding gown. If your figure is pear shape, A-line is probably the most flattering cut for your body as it is fitted in the bodice section of the gown and then gradually flows out away from the body. If your petite, a huge ball gown might not be the best route to go as you may get lost in all the fabric! Something more fitted and with less fabric is ideal.

o Most people think of wedding gowns as only coming in white or ivory. Truth be told, there are many different shades that wedding gowns come in. Having a beautiful dress is one thing, but making sure the color against your skin tone is flattering can make all the difference in the world. White is best for women with darker (tan) skin tones. If you are fair with pink undertones, ivory is most suitable and flattering as it neutralizes the pink in your skin. For olive skin tones, champagne or diamond white is most lovely.

o Another detail that can really make a difference is the fabric of the gown. Some woman think they want a lace dress, but when they go into a bridal boutique, and try on a lace gown… it’s not what they imagined. If you’re adamant about wearing lace but the feedback of an all lace gown is not what you had hoped for, there are plenty of gowns that combine both lace and satin that make a beautiful silhouette. Chiffon and taffeta are other great options for wedding gowns that are a more contemporary than the traditional lace and satin. Don’t be afraid to try gowns in all fabrics as you may surprise yourself!

Self Confidence
o There are so many factors to be considered when wedding dress shopping, but most important is your inner beauty and self confidence. No matter how gorgeous the gown and wonderful the colors looks against your skin or how the dress hugs your curves, it won’t look half as good as it could if you don’t have self confidence! Inner beauty is the most important factor when it comes to looking amazing on the day of your wedding!

 Leave time for the dress to arrive! This is so important…you do not want to be fretting that your dream dress will not arrive in ample time before your big day. You need to leave more than enough time for the dress to be sent out, made, and returned to you. Usually leaving 4 to 6 months for this process is ideal. If you should have less time than that before your wedding, you should consider “off the rack” selections.

 Take 1-2 people with you. More than that will often time over crowd the boutique and you’ll get a vast variety of opinions most likely. I would recommend taking your mom and one friend. This will help also if you and your mom have different tastes in style, you’ll have one other opinion to consider as well as your own.

 Planning to lose weight? Most brides will try to lose weight and look their very best for their wedding day. It’s important to be realistic. Consider the time you have before then and implement healthy eating habits along with three or four days a week of exercise. Remember it’s always easier to take a dress in but nearly impossible to let one out. If you buy a dress in a size expecting to lose weight and then don’t it can truly be a nightmare.

 Don’t forget the accessories! Veil, jewelry, under garments…all need to work with the dress of your choice.

Enjoy every minute of finding your wedding gown. Don’t feel pressured…take your time and let your heart, vision, and that lasting image help lead you to your perfect dream dress!

Happy shopping Brides-to-be!!

A Bride’s dream team!

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