Monday, February 22, 2010

Weather Channel: My Wedding Weather Tracker

The Weather Channel has a site devoted to engaged couples planning a wedding. If you just got engaged and have yet to set a date, the Weather Channel can help! Basically, all you do is type in the zip code of the place you want to get married and voila! They have a whole chart to show you the high’s and lows for each month of the year in that area as well as the coldest month, warmest month, wettest month, driest month, month with the most clear days and month with the most cloudy days! Once you pick a date, it tracks the weather in the area of your wedding up until your wedding day!

It also has other convenient information as well in regards to weather and weddings. For instance, it lists the flowers that are typically available year round, what colors they come in and a little history on the flower. (So if you want peonies, don’t get married during the winter months.)

If you want to have a sunset ceremony outdoors, it will calculate what time you should have the ceremony start in order to do so based on the date and zip code of your wedding.

Check out their website for more information on how they can help you plan a dry, sunny, beautiful wedding day!

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