Sunday, January 9, 2011

BLUSH Star Struck {Vintage Hollywood Style}

We couldn't be more excited for all the newly engaged ... 2011 is sure to see some sensational weddings!  After a recent vacation trip to Hollywood/Los Angeles we couldn't help to be inspired (and hopefully inspire others) with an old Hollywood touch of glamour for all of you 2011 Brides.  Below, we take 3 well known celebrities who will soon tie the knot.  We've given them their classic star twin & we think the results are GLAMOROUS...which starlet is your favorite?

REESE WITHERSPOON - photo credits: - Asscher Cut diamond ring
                                                                      - "grace"dress
NATALIE PORTMAN - photo credit: 
KATE MIDDLETON - - LAZARO dress style LZ3111

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Boutique on Feet said...

Love that photo of Natalie Portman - she's a beauty. She was great in Black Swan . . . but it sure was a strange movie. :) Stopping by to say hi and let you know you have a new follower!